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Poll Widgets geared for Blogger is a hard niche to carve because Poll Widgets are now a common commodity now and the market is well dominated by Polldaddy and others. so the only way to compete is to offer them with something you cannot find elsewhere or offer them in a specific form.

or as in their Words:

“Polls Boutique (www.pollsb.com) is one of the biggest social poll resources on the web offering over 10,000 polls on almost every topic in the universe.

Our community revolves around polls: users can invite a certain demographic to vote, and see what their friends voted. Poll results feature rich statistical data harvested from the votes: you can get results based on age, sex, location, and even zodiac sign.
(see example stats page:

Pollb.com (Polls Boutique) is trying it´s hand at that by focusing on Bloggers and by adding better customization, more poll variations and better stats.

I must say that the result is really good for such a young/unknown  service and that i specially like the option to make poll with video and have the video loaded in a lightbox without users having to go elsewhere at any time.

Because  their best features is that you can add photos, audio and videos to your polls. that and the advanced Stats is what truly make Poll Boutique Stand out from others.


I think that considering these are meant to be Blog only polls at the moment, they do their job really good. even then i would like if they put work in the look area where they are lacking and if they could produce Flash or Silverlight versions of their Poll so they can be everywhere.


I can say that they are a excellent option for  Blog polls and the best option for some specific cases. I can easily put them as the number one choice for Script Based Poll Widgets.

Right now the widgets got support for Blogger, WordPress and Typepad. that don´t mean they cannot work elsewhere, that is just the support they extend and vouch for.

Polls Boutique

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