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The Poll market is a very coveted Widget market, and there are many that want to go after Polldaddy. Polldaddy has taken lots of measures to retain their lead in polls and have managed to retain it.

But new players and evolved players in the market are always in the lookout.

The second applies well to Quibblo. how a evolved player can not only catch up but thrive if mantainig a focused angle of their own in their market.

Quibblo is offering another approach to polls and not only polls, it offers polls, surveys and quizzies (questionnaire) Widget, but their widget are also bonded to their website, and the website is a information community in a Yahoo answers way or in a Polldaddy answers way but more evolved into its niche that Polldaddy Answers.

Quibblo Quizze Widgets have part of the community aspects in the widget itself. they serve the poll/survey/quizzie, they serve a quick profile of the Quibblo user with his previous activity and they offer you High Spread sharing options powered by Gigya Wildfyre.

That is a simple yet good way to serve widgets, more if they have a unified and good looking design. a deparment where PollDaddy is now seriously lacking.

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I liked them as a option for more thematic driven blogs, website and for detailed personal use in social networks and i can recommend that they deserve of everyone attention.

Quibblo Quizzes, Polls and Surveys

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