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Easy “save & send” browser add-on increases web productivity, fun & honesty

This is cool!

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iterasi allows you to capture web pages and sort them via a dashboard format. With simple folder creation and easy navigation/edit capabilities, you are an expert user from the beginning.

iterasi comes in the form of a browser toolbar that currently works with Firefox and I.E. 7 (Mac in near future).
The toolbar allows you to simply click a button to capture a webpage in its entirety (including links) and simply save it to an iterasi server.

There are tagging options and the ability to add notes to each page for your reference.
You can also send this page to anyone with an email address (…and hopefully selective sharing of notes possibly)

The embed
You can also embed a thumbnail of the saved webpage in any website, blog or even Myspace if you desire.
This embed links directly to the webpage that you saved (not the actual site) This is a great way to show readers any changes that have been made to other pages in a “before and after” format.

Its also a great way to keep people honest if you happened to catch them in a shenanigan!

Can I use it now?
from the iterasi FAQ:

“We’re currently targeting mid-2008 for our official roll out. But if you provide your email address, you may get to use it early than everyone else. And that will make you popular at all the parties. We swear.”

iterasi CEO Pete Grillo:

“My hope is that Iterasi will contribute to a better day-to-day Web experience for all.”

I think iterasi is unique and interesting, not to mention, an extremely useful service/add-on and I plan on trying to incorporate it into my blogging structure.
People respond quicker to visual cues and iterasi definitely serves that need.
iterasi blog

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