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If you are a active user of Twitter and your favorite startpage is iGoogle, you already know that there are some options for you to have Twiter integration into it. but lets face it. some suck and the rest are not cool or good enough to be considered usable without cringing a little.

That is not the case of Betwittered. This Twitter iGoogle Gadged  developed by Meta_Robert from is pretty much a miniaturized version of your Twitter Web Page and that is a good thing.  so you can update Twitter while still looking at something pleasant.

It is notable to add that the Gadget is under continuous development so it may get to a point where it has all the web client features..right now it just have all the ones you need.

Add Twitter iGoogle Gadget

iGoogle betwittered

You can see a screenshot of it here in its actual size so you get a hang of it.  i am now a user of it. i find truly the best twitter iGoogle Gadget so far.

You can get further information or do feature request at the developer page too if you want.

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  1. John says:

    I had been using betwittered, but found one I like just as much, if not better. Pretty slick IMHO:

  2. Avatar says:

    @John: umm. i like it. will post on it. thanks.

  3. Paul says:

    Nice, true that most Twitter gadgets bite it.

  4. futurich says:

    That sounds pretty cool. Ill have to actually start using i-google for once 🙂

  5. futurich says:

    whoa, thats pretty cool. ill have to start using i-google from now on. good stuff.

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