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Corporate-enterprise Blogging is no longer a rare thing. Good enterprise Blogging is not a foreign concept either anymore. but Enterprise Blogging focused on Enterprise Widgets?. now that is something rare. at least i cannot say i had seen it before with this flair.

But that is what The Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog does in behalf of JackBe. What is JackBe?

A over simplistic explanation of JackBe would be to say they are the ClearSpring for the Enterprise Crowd with a PopFly approach. JackBe is about leveraging information into mashup widgets so companies can sort around critical, decision making data about a determined matter.  lets say you need to compare data from saleforce with data from google maps while also sorting out some of you own company workforce data into it, etc,etc.

They are pretty much the serious version of web mashup widgets. of course that corporate don`t like to call them that so they don`t get perceived as Trivial. the prefer to call them "mashlets". it is a fitting name, i give them that. but in their base they are info widgets. and they goal is to make data interaction and data sorting easier to manage and digest for corporate meetings and whatnot.

You can check out what mashlet is and acts like if you load them in a new tab from the two following examples:

Basic Chart Mashlet (click to try it)

Basic Grid Mashlet (click to try it)

I didn`t knew much about JackBe until a year ago when a friend told he was going to work for them here in their Mexican branch and i got learn more about them. i found it to be a quite interesting company. no wonder they did so well.

via JackBe Blog

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