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SoundsFlavor is a good example of the great work you can do when you recognize the good use of cataloguing, labeling and tagging and know they are not the same thing.  that way they can find you waht you want without any complicated algorithm and produce great results.

They got a music matching and recommendation service that grabs bits from iLike, Last.FM and pandora while not being a copy of any of them and coming of as something apart.

You can search a song by the content in its lyrics, the decade it is from, the genre and even look for those songs that are free to grab while offering a common search engine for artists and bands.

They also got a widget, and the widget is a hoot. i like it. is simple, it works and it lets you find what you want directly from the widget. the widget can match your requests from the name of a song, to an artist and more and give you a matching playlist of things alike to your query and the song you want is served with a YouTube Video.  all without leaving the widget and it also generates its quick install options from a gigya wildfyre powered high spread sharing panel.

I like it enough to put it here for anyone to try.



  1. Webster says:

    Just tried out Soundflavor. It’s a little glitchy in spots, but I applaud their effort. The best new idea I’ve seen is their flavor filters — find songs with certain subjects, moods, etc and then watch a video channel of the songs. Easy and cool.

  2. Avatar says:

    @Webster: Yeah, i mean. just look at the embed. for some reason is not even well centered and it loads weird. but credit where credit is due. the widget is cool.

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