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Some of you may or may not know that Yahoo got a Lifecasting solution called Yahoo Live that competes with UStream and Justin.TV (to a degree), where you can create your own live webcam based chatroom.

Yahoo Live is more akin to PalTalk in the way it is laid out. the novelty in the service is that it is using Flex to power the service. that makes it a little experimental but easy to manage if you got good RAM in your computer because it is quite heavy to load and it gets heavier as time passes if you maintain the channel open all day.

Ming from stickiwidgets did some simple Google Gadgets for Yahoo Live. yeah, using Google to make a gadget from a Yahoo service.. i find that quite ironic and even sarcastic based on the recent developments

So if you want a way to let your readers know when your channel is live and you follow the lifecasting crowd it is a good fit.


Yahoo Live Channel Guide iGoogle Gadget

Yahoo Live Channel Guide Web Gadget 

Yahoo Live Facebook Widget-app

you can see it live at Stickiwidgets


  1. Ming says:

    Thanks for all the coverage lately…

    We’re actually working on another widget for Yahoo! Live that should be pretty cool.

    I’ll let you guys get the scoop on that one when it’s ready.


  2. Avatar says:

    @Ming: No problem. i am that cool. Derek is cool but not as cool as me. 😛

    and i will wait for it then. i am guessing it will be a live preview channel badge.

  3. Ming says:

    No, it’s not a live preview badge, though that wouldn’t be too hard. Maybe you’ll get a 2 for 1, if I can squeeze that in.

  4. deralaand says:

    @Ming: Avatar wants me to take this bait and say something about how much cooler I am but I won’t do that because he already knows I am far cooler than he!

  5. deralaand says:

    …besides, I have a cool icon on my replies…where’s his?

  6. Avatar says:

    @Ming: Ah, even more interesting.

    do your best

  7. Avatar says:

    @deralaand: ah, ok will have to activate mine here.


    Me = Cooler than you.

  8. …..still no icon.

  9. Ming says:

    @Avatar – I’ve gotten to a good point in the prototype I’m building for Yahoo! Live. Now, what were you looking for in terms of a Yahoo! Live badge? You can already embed the player, though it is lacking a bit, I don’t won’t to reinvent the wheel.

  10. Avatar says:

    @Ming: great. what i meant by a “live preview badge” was to be able to have a bad with one mini screen of the main channel (the badge use channel) and the picons of the other live channels below in a way similar to a mix of the soundflavor video jukebox and the mybloglog widget. you click the picons below and it shows you that channel. etc.

    So, it is not that simple of an idea i guess. 😛

  11. Ming says:

    @Avatar & Derek – you’ve got mail

  12. Avatar says:

    @Ming: got it. will reply. thanks.

  13. Garrard says:

    There is a lot of truth to this, which is (I think) why many traditional marketers struggle.

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