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PicScout gets partnership with b5media for PicApp Photo widgets support.

May 30th, 2008


When i briefly reviewed PicApp in April.  I said that it was not a logical solution for Bloggers because there were some other options for them. i still believe that. however i do think that their last partnership to give support for b5media does makes sense and it is a big win for picapp. that may seem as contradictory but it is not.

The ones asking the support is the Blog Network high ups. and getting proper free to use stock photos for blogging is still a touchy subject that need a political correctness to handle any mention of it.

PicApp is the best way to deal with that because you then transfer any obligations or scrutiny to a third party.

So congrats to Picapp, they get a very needed boost and b5media gets a weight off its back. everybody wins.

b5media Partners With PicScout For Free Licensed Images via Techcrunch

Yahoo Live Channel Guide Google Gadgets

May 30th, 2008


Some of you may or may not know that Yahoo got a Lifecasting solution called Yahoo Live that competes with UStream and Justin.TV (to a degree), where you can create your own live webcam based chatroom.

Yahoo Live is more akin to PalTalk in the way it is laid out. the novelty in the service is that it is using Flex to power the service. that makes it a little experimental but easy to manage if you got good RAM in your computer because it is quite heavy to load and it gets heavier as time passes if you maintain the channel open all day.

Ming from stickiwidgets did some simple Google Gadgets for Yahoo Live. yeah, using Google to make a gadget from a Yahoo service.. i find that quite ironic and even sarcastic based on the recent developments

So if you want a way to let your readers know when your channel is live and you follow the lifecasting crowd it is a good fit.


Yahoo Live Channel Guide iGoogle Gadget

Yahoo Live Channel Guide Web Gadget 

Yahoo Live Facebook Widget-app

you can see it live at Stickiwidgets

video detective widget for movie trailers

May 29th, 2008

No more searching for movie trailers–Video Detective delivers! has created an easy to use JavaScript widget that delivers movie trailers for current DVD releases, movies in theaters now and upcoming movies.

The widget allows you to watch the trailers without leaving the site you are on. Each trailer loads fast and seems to play without interruption. (depends on connection) You can easily navigate through the three different categories and each trailer has a small pop-up title. There is also a search function built in that delivers trailers for movies that aren’t in the main categories.

Widgetbox says:

“If you love movies as much as the the folks at Widgetbox do, we think that you’ll enjoy this new Video Detective widget.

The Widget is interactive and features high quality movie clips and previews… directly in the widget! So if you’re excited to see the new Mike Meyers movie (‘The Love Guru’) or the upcoming Adam Sandler movie (‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’) – you’ll love the Video Detective widget. And don’t worry – if Adam Sandler isn’t your favorite, there are over 200,000 other movie clips from movies currently in theaters, releasing soon and on DVD (or Blu-Ray for that matter!).

We are also excited about the Video Detective widget because we know that many of our widget publishers and bloggers are huge movie buffs and avid celebrity fans. If you fall into that bucket, this widget can add dynamic, relevant and fun content to your site… so go grab it! “

Hard to find:
I expected to find links to ticket sales for movies currently in theaters and “buy it now” links for movies in DVD release. Perhaps this will be a consideration in future editions of this widget.

videodetective widget ( link) (get widget here as well) blog post about videodetective

Growing baby widget from

May 28th, 2008

Expecting parents can easily track the growth progress of their baby has created a widget that allows you to track the growth of your unborn babies and also babies that have arrived. The widget also includes a button that links to detailed information about every specific stage of your baby’s development. Also included are tips on improving yours and the baby’s experience.
babyzone appears to be a great resource

some details:
The web version of this widget uses Flash programing. This is great because most blogs and customizable social pages allow embeds that use Flash. indicates that there is a desktop version of this widget but they require you to sign up with email and a password just to get the widget. says:

“Add this widget to get weekly, personalized pregnancy and baby updates delivered straight to your desktop or favorite webpage! Your Growing Baby Widget tracks the growth of your baby or baby-to-be with the most relevant—and fun!—information from pertaining to your stage of pregnancy or parenthood. Plus, you can add this tool to your own webpage, blog, MySpace or Facebook profiles, Google homepage, and many other places on- and offline. Click on the “Get This Widget” button now to grab it.”

get the growingbaby widget

I believe is a property. also offers other widgets that are somewhat family oriented.

craft finder widget

“Need some family fun ideas? Check out the Kaboose Crafts Finder widget, and you’ll never be stuck for kid-friendly craft ideas again. Put this widget on your desktop, favorite webpage, or blog. Click on the “Get This Widget” button to get started.”

recipe finder widget

“Don’t know what you’re cooking for dinner tonight? We’ve got recipes! Family meal ideas are easy with the Recipe Finder widget. Put this widget on your desktop, favorite webpage, or blog. Click on the “Get This Widget” button to get started.” widgets

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