launches, Adobe consolidates digital document strategy and Adobe Share aims at Scribd iPaper

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A move that was 2 whole years in the making and it is finally here. Adobe launches the site that will serve as the central operations for Adobe whole online strategy and where it will extend their own version of Software + Services right now. is also serving as the perfect stage to offer Acrobat 9 and announce that it will now support Flash and later if announcements from one year ago don`t evaporate it will support the embedding of 3d objects, Advertising and even contextual controls inside a document allowing PDF documents to be 100% Internet Aware and work offline with whatever they had cached from the web (if you got a good version of Acrobat 9 of course).

Many have gone to the lengths of calling a Webtop and a Web Office competitor. this is still not true. Acrobat represents a new kind of beast of its own.

At this Launch Acrobat comes with 3 components:

  • Buzzword
  • Connect Now
  • Share

Widgets should come from the last one and they will be going for the Digital Document market as i had already stated before, so they are going after scribd and docstoc.

But Share and Share Widgets are not yet a competitor to the already quite advanced iPaper and neither have a document repository like scribd. it would be possible that Adobe may want to speed things up and acquire a start up in this area to dominate head on and from the start. so that is the thing to look for.

I hope this move forces Microsoft to accelerate their pace in Office Live and release their own Digital Document Widget given that such object already exist in prototypes.

But at least this means the start of  Flex web widgets showing up online. sea of changes in 2008. no doubt about it.

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