Money in Widgets?. AOL got that with userplane

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According to Om Malik, the biggest Widget Backed Ad network is not any of the usual big Widget companies but userplane, now owned by AOL:

“Userplane has been selling widget ads for a while, and Jones said that his company is doing about a billion widget-ad impressions a day. That makes it one of the top 30 ad networks as ranked by comScore.

While a majority of the ads run in Userplane’s own widgets on MySpace, Facebook and Friendster, Userplane sells ads for other widget makers as well, putting it in competition (somewhat) with some of the other players who sell ads to widgets that run in social networks — Scott Rafer’s Lookery, Seth Goldstein’s Social Media, Appfuel and 83Degrees’ fbExchange.”

That is truly eye opening and something that i was mildly unaware. i knew about userplane ad network but not that it was such a massive beast.

Om is quite into not liking widget much so he is not that well informed on the spot because he misses lots of references to the Widget Market and ends up saying about how interesting a AOL-Bebo-userplace scenario for widgets is forgetting AOL also owns Goowy and YourMinis. so it is even more interesting that he presumes now that it is also known AOL still possess the Ad Network with the best reach in the web. something that no one could have guessed either.

I said it once and i say it twice: AOL Ad network minus Google Ties + Ask Search + Netvibes  + all they have purchased and planned already (  userplane, bebo, goowy, yourminis,etc)= HUGE WIN.

But that is for them to figure it out.

Meanwhile it is time to pay attention to AOL and the widget property they now own.

Userplane, the Really Big Widget Ad Network via GigaOM

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