Muzicons: Simple single song Widgets to go

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Muzicons is a new Music widget. and while there are hundreds of those. Muzicons Widgets are worth TO USE. so don`t just give them a look. use them. why?, they got the kind of qualities a widget needs to be great:

  • 1.-it is functional
  • 2.-simple to use
  • 3.-don`t needs any registration
  • 4.-it is pretty
  • 5.-it is customizable


As you can see in the actual size screenshot of the options panel for the widget. this are very simple to use. you choose a icon that better represents the mood of the song or audio you want to put in your widget. you upload the song and then simply choose what kind of control you want for it and the color you want for the widget..

Great example of ease of use and nice minimal design. i fully recommend this widget.


if you still need a video demo of the widget and how to use it in your blog, they also got one:



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