Amnesty Widgets releases Hypercube version 0.5

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Looks like AmnestyWidgets is still in the game and well. they are releasing  Hypercube 0.5 beta for Mac OS X. with a Windows version coming shortly (i hope so). while it is quite a flaw to release it to Mac first instead of Both Windows and Mac. i understand it since MesaDynamic is a Mac First, Windows later developer and because the windows version needs to work out in XP and Vista, so it needs more development time..


Hypercube is the all in one app from the Amnesty Widgets offerings and it integrates features from the other 3 apps into one. its purpose is to let you convert any web widget into a desktop widget or take a desktop widget and make it web widget and it also gives the widget High Spread so you can put it in several supported startpages, social networks or your blog.

In the case of the desktop it also allows you to integrate your native Widget Engine for Vista and OS X with hypercube without replacing it or serve as the engine all together in the case of XP exactly like Google Desktop or the Yahoo Widget engine does. so if you are in Vista it will not mess with your Vista Sidebar but to enhance it and complement it because unless something changes in the new windows version. you can use the widgets you convert from the web directly at your vista sidebar and lock them in.

For me, Hypercube represents the end of discussion for those times when there is a web widget that don`t exist in the desktop and you are left waiting for some high spread to come to the widget options. this ends this. the same case in reverse. you can have a desktop widget and may want it in your blog, starpage or Myspace and there is no version for it.

Of course. many details are not explained in deep so i ignore the range of the hypercube but that is something i expect to get enlighted by Danny Mesa from Amnesty Widgets soon enough to let you all know.

Right now if you are in the Mac you can get the new Hypercube 0.5 beta already.

Amnesty Hypercube 0.5

If you are on windows, which is the most likely scenario. hang in there and try out Amnesty Widgets previous version instead while you wait:


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