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It is been a while i talked about the official but unreleased FriendFeed Widget.

Such widget is still not out or has been updated in any way and it may have proven to be too simple to many. But if you cannot wait for Friendfeed to get its act together and release a final version of that widget. i got something that can be more satisfying without the need of using other service but friendfeed.

tmp38E7      tmp38EE

A iframe widget generator for your FriendFeed Lifestream that was made by Arvind “Random Walker “ Narayanan where instead of having just the 5 last updates you can have the last 30 updates, choose the size at will and change the background color so you can integrate it in your blog or website.


The only thing i think it is missing, would be to be able to put a image as header and chose a border but maybe if Arvind does a second version, that will be added.

 Embeddable Friendfeed Lifestream Widget

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  1. BillyWarhol says:

    I’m very Impressed with FriendFeed! So much Richer in Content than Twitter* Remindz me of what SecondBrain have been trying to do the last 2 Yearz*

    ;)) Peace*

  2. Avatar says:

    @BillyWarhol: To me it reminds me what jaiku was aiming to be before Google snatched it. funny enough, the guy behind friendfeed was one of the creators of Gmail

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