Silverlight 2 Open Source Video Player

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There are many packaged and ready to use Silverlight Video players already out and you can even generate one from Expression Studio quite easily. but that is for basic video players. if you want something with more style, you have to build your own.

Or you could use a Open Source Video Player for Silverlight that will evolve and stay free and that you are also allowed to modify at ease to your use or add it to the use of all if you want to contribute to the project.


That is the premise behind Silverlight 2 Video Player. the video player is now fully featured and works like a charm under Silverlight 2.0. the style  looks to be pretty much a reproduction of the Vimeo player that is so in Vogue (flickr video ripped off the design too). i agree with that. vimeo is the prettiest video player design out there to this day.

The SL2 video player is still under development since Silverlight 2 final is not out either but it can be used already. once Silverlight 2 fina hitsl. a version release should be out.

Silverlight 2 Video Player

via  Tim Heuer (you can check a live example here too)

*Update*: A update is now out:


  1. steve says:

    Is it possible to insert in-stream video ads from ad networks into this player? If not How can this be done?

  2. Avatar says:

    yes. but i only have seen official support from doubleclick and what was aquantive. but i guess you could insert any ad network ads into silverlight. but that is more dependent on the ad network than on silverlight. silverlight can even allow you to embed flash content inside silverlight if you want to. you can also use flash resources in order to pass above current silverlight limitations. this is something that have not seen in flash or flex. so your best way to know is to hit the forums and search for that info.

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