Silvester: A really cool Silverlight Twitter Gadget

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Silverster  is a Silverlight powered Twitter Gadget that you can use in your blog and that can replace the minimalistic or overcomplicated options around and offer you a rather slick gadget that looks like a WPF or AIR  app.


This Widget was developed by Emil Stoychev, and not only can you grab the Gadget code from the Silvester page for use but if you are interested in Silverlight, Emil also shows you exactly how it was made so you can make your own version of it if you can.

The name silvester came from tweety feline antagonist, silvester the cat. odd reference yet fitting for the play of words. funny name or not, Silvester is the most slick Silverlight Twitter gadget you will find right now, so that is worth a try.

Silvester: Silverlight Twitter Gadget

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