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Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Movie Countdown Widgets

July 31st, 2008


It is time for another Harry Potter movie and that means it is also time for another Harry Potter Countdown Widgets post.

MuggleNet Countdown Widget

Widget Page

SpringWidgets Countdown Widget

The SpringWidgets Countdown Widget counts with a High Spread Sharing Panel so you can generate the embed code or use any of the quick install links to get the widget.

Right now there are only this two. but will add more if worthy. i of course prefer the mugglenet one because of the image they used but the one by SpringWidgets count with High Spread Sharing so it is really easy to add anywhere.

Widget Optimization Demystified

July 31st, 2008


If you ever wondered what situation can lead to a Widget being in risk of being penalized when they carry some hidden links or keywords and in what way that may be the best to approach. then this post by Brian Chappell should of some use.

He asked 16 SEO experts on this matter presenting this case to them:

“A site that sells chairs decides to build a widget. The widget shows the top 10 selling chairs on their site.

The chair selling website is called :

At the bottom of the widget the following text is displayed: “Grab your Chairs Widget”

The phrase “Chairs” links to chairsunlimited’s widget page on the site, which explains how to “grab” the widget, for use on your site.

Should chairsunlimited be penalized in Google for deploying the tactic described above?”

Then, the SEO experts weigh in. follow to know the outcome.

Widget Optimization Demystified – 16 Experts Weigh In

Mouse Hole

July 31st, 2008

I don’t know why…so don’t ask.

This was found on a Japanese blog named Blog Apartment.

I don’t read or speak Japanese. So I feel as though I miss out on a lot of cool things to be found.

Thanks to a new website… Bloglue… we now have a bit more insight into Japanese widgets and a resource for finding them.

Doug Proudman stopped by and shared the link to Bloglue in a comment on my earlier post about Japanese widgets. 2007/07/13/japanese-widgets- how-many/

Nooked Shopping Ad Widgets

July 31st, 2008


Given the demand for good Ad Widgets or Widget Ads. and with things like WidgetBucks doing the round lately. the nooked Shopping Ad Widgets are the perfect fit as a alternative for those looking for some revenue generated from a widget.

The concept with nooked is to turn you into a Shopping Advertising Agent for them via Widgets. they take care of the rest. you simply choose a product you may like or that fits in with the theme of your blog and then generate a widget that can serve such product. you also get to choose what  source you want use. that means from what online retailer the stuff will come from.


Only you have made your Nooked Ad Widget you can then proceed to put it in your blog once you have of course registered with them. but as a way to try out how the widget looks. nooked let you make a widget and ask for registration once you have finished to made your widget.

The Widget Editor is very straightforward and allows for a good integration in most blogs.


The only question would be if it works and they pay once you have generated some money out of it. but to answer that, i guess you will have to try it out.


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