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Ah, Poll Widgets. a market that never stops giving. this time is the turn for Poll Authority. Poll Authority is a good solution overall. it got a very pretty, clean, user friendly site. they offer Script based Widgets that can contain Videos from YouTube if you want to and got special delimitation controls in order to tweak the way you can conduct your polls.


Many would compare them to Polldaddy or Quibblo but it would be a mistake. Quibblo and Polldaddy are Flash Based Poll Widget Providers and the strengths of both are way over Poll Authority in options, community and Analytics. Poll Authority simply don`t compares. then there is the thing that Poll Authority free version is too limited to others but comes as a cheaper option in the paid version.

But then, as i already said the community, options and analytics in Poll Authority don`t compare so it is the right call for it to be cheaper.

So, Poll Authority is more comparable to Poll Boutique. they are both Script based Poll widget providers. they are only concentrated in Polls and they Allow Media to conduct the polls.


But that is where the similitude ends.

Poll Boutique allows various kinds of media (photos, audio and video) and various instances of each in the same poll unlike Poll Authority where you only can add a video per poll and video is all the media you can use.

So what are Poll Authority strengths?

1.-More efficient code

The code is lighter and the execution of it is faster

2.-Way prettier

I must say they got the prettiest Poll widgets and the more pleasant to the eye design pattern compared to the flamboyant 90`s style of Poll Boutique. Poll Authority goes for the full web 2.0 look and they nailed it.

3.-The Best Poll Editor yet

The true gem in Poll Authority a Poll Editor with live preview where you can archive Poll Widgets as integrated with your blog design as you want it. that level of customization can allow the widgets feel almost as if they were generated natively from the blog.


That is why it is such a shame they are so limited. they are no good for serious use or to use them in big traffic blogs and if you are media driven and want good analytics they have not as much liberty on that like Poll Boutque.

So i can only recommend Poll Authority for casual blog use, small blogs and personal polling and that is because of the efficient code and the good design. so if that is what you are looking for. then yes. go for Poll Authority.

Lets hope they take a note at their direct competitor if they want to improve and stand a chance. that will also serve right to keep Poll Boutique on their toes too.

Poll Authority

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  1. Thanks for the write-up on Poll Authority and the honest opinions. I’m the lead developer on the team and feedback like this goes a long way. Please allow me to make a few points though.

    1) Poll Authority just launched a few weeks ago in public beta, so what you’re seeing is still just the tip of the iceberg in features. The community base definitely isn’t there yet, but that’s going to build over time once people are familiar with the application (it has already been building greatly to this point).

    2) We have already added several new features, such as the ability to duplicate polls and setting starting poll answer counts (for those importing their polls from another source).

    3) We have several new and exciting features in the pipeline that will be integrated into the next release, including a much requested Poll Queuing interface, allowing users to set rotating polls without the need to constantly update their website or blog. We’re also working on embedded media for each answer option, as well as an advanced style editor that goes beyond what is currently available.

    We’re committed to Poll Authority and improving the feature set. At this point we’ve been compiling all user feedback and integrating those into functional options within the site. We hope to continue to evolve Poll Authority into a tool that is still extremely easy to use, but features all the options users demand.

    I hope you’ll give Poll Authority additional looks in the future and comment on the new additions. Thank you for your time and the write-up!

  2. Avatar says:

    @David Nicolosi:

    Thanks for the pointers. glad you like my “no frills” approach. 😉 now on the matters at hand:

    1.- Oh ok. well then Poll Authority should step up the PR in the blog, i mean seriously how i would have known?. the community factor is indeed the weakest part but as you said it is too new. time fixes that

    2.-that is interesting, and a good way to take away from you know who. clever move.

    3.-this sounds great, that is what i was talking about. may i suggest that sound is included? . the poll editor was already the best but knowing you plan to take it further is a big plus.

    I would like you to write to me whenever you get to update. i am just a e-mail,tweet or plurk away.

    thanks for your visit.

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