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There are lot of Twitter badges around but most of them are ugly. this is not the case of Tweetsnap.

Tweetsnap is a Twitter Active Badge Generator. what does that means?. well Active Badges can be considered the first Widgets back in 2005. it means that the photo of you badge will refresh a time after you tweet. the simplest of solutions for the end user because you don`t spent anything on resources unlike regular widgets.


It also has another reason for its simplicity and that is so you can put one of these in your blog, your site, your social network and as a signature in your Favorite forum and even in your e-mails.

I must also say that tweetsnap is one of the best designed sites for something as simple as a Active Badge Generator but if i may dare to suggest any improvement, would be to offer two kinds of badges and maybe, maybe some color options. beyond that, everything is already great.



  1. Pete Nicholls says:

    Thanks for the review! TweetSnap was concieved, built and released in the space of three days as a personal project 🙂 I’m continually surprised from the reception it’s been given and the numbers I’ve served.

    Different colours and sizes will be added, but I wanted to keep it as simple to begin with.

  2. Avatar says:

    @Pete Nicholls: awesome. i do love it too. and as you may assume. i know a thing or too about Widgets and Badges 😉

    Oh but don`t forget to E-mail me whenever you update it ok?. all i ask.

  3. DevLano says:

    Should add a border=”0″ to the img tag. 😉 new colors and diff background images for the win! 🙂

  4. Chema says:

    Hi, I know maybe is not the same but I developed a simple twitter badge generator, feel free to try it here:

  5. Twitter has become so much fun to use, now that there are so many new tools to play with.

  6. You should cook up a list of all the Twitter tools currently available…

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