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While not stated as Open Source (yet) like the SL2 OS video player. it is still a already packaged and free to use and adjust Silverlight 2.O (beta 2)  video player you can use in your site for your videos and that like the SL2 OS video player it now support Time Markers.


This is called the MinoPlayer and now it is in version 1.2. it comes from a very good Italian Silverlight and WPF developer and it has chosen its video player as the first app to release  code for everyone to use.

Unlike the SL2 OS video player that goes for the Vimeo/Flickr player look. the MinoPlayer goes for the familiar look of the YouTube design and recreates it perfectly. 

I found the MinoPlayer really easy to use and if you want to see a live version of it. it is also in the MinoPlayer page for anyone to have a look at it.

MinoPlayer 1.2


  1. steve says:

    Is it possible to insert in-stream video ads from ad networks into this player? If not How can this be done?

  2. Avatar says:

    yes. but i only have seen official support from doubleclick and what was aquantive. but i guess you could insert any ad network ads into silverlight. but that is more dependent on the ad network than on silverlight. silverlight can even allow you to embed flash content inside silverlight if you want to. you can also use flash resources in order to pass above current silverlight limitations. this is something that have not seen in flash or flex. so your best way to know is to hit the forums and search for that info.

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