Twitter Tag: A Simple Twitter Active Badge Generator

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Twitter Tag is a Active Badge Generator just like Tweetsnap. it may not have a site anywhere close as pretty as Tweetsnap and the badge may be more generic but it actually got more features into it.

  • 1.- You can Customize the colors in it to your heart content.
  • 2.- It detects the client used (for example mine shows i tweet from SocialThing or Twhirl
  • 3.- Uses Time Track Stamp instead of date tags
  • 4.- Shows how many updates you have done so far in Twitter

So the only bad thing i see to it is that it is too Generic Looking and that it don`t has versions. you can only choose one size.

Since it got Stats, it would be nice to have the full user stats in the badge like Updates//Friends//Followers in a better font and solve the look issues by allowing custom background or background options.

Like Tweetsnap you can grab the code and use your Twitter Tag Badge everywhere, from your blog, to social networks, to forums and even E-mails.

Twitter Tag


  1. wanted to know more about twitter. hihi 😀

    it looks so cool, right avatar? 😉

  2. Daniel says:


    Thanks for the review and feature ideas. 🙂

    I’m working on allowing users to import their own background image and change the image shape.

  3. Avatar says:

    @Daniel: Thanks to you Daniel for stopping by. and don`t forget to e-mail or comment to me when you update, so i can add that to the post or do a new post depending on what you do.

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