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Now you can read Widgets Lab in your phone, no matter if it is a regular phone, a iPhone or a Windows Mobile phone. Widgets Lab Mobile got a version for it.


Mofuse is a start up that converts your site to a mobile one with a version for regular mobile phones and a optimized mobile version for the iPhone. that is is the main goal of mofuse but it extends well beyond that because you can manage your mobile phone by yourself without any help and integrate it better into your regular site. customize it, promote it, check its stats and even monetize it.

This puts Mofuse well above over any other mobile solution up to now and thanks to a recent announcement all of this is now FREE.

David Berube, head of mofuse decided to give the previously pro options for free and now there is really no excuse for not having a capable mobile site for your blog or your website.

You can still get a more professional paid version if you want but that is the very specific cases where you want a customized and better set up version. but if you want that David Berube will be pleased to hear it out.

Mofuse Widgets

Part of the way to promote your mofuse powered mobile site comes in the form of  some very simple Mofuse Widgets and Badges

SMS Widget

A simple way to send the direct mobile link of your site if you have not integrated the mobile site into your blog or you can`t and also to promote it outside your site in any social network profile that supports JavaScript.

 Mobile Badge


A complement to the SMS widget in order to promote your mobile site be it in your blog or elsewhere.

QR code


While not wide spread yet in North America. QR codes are very used in Europe , Asia and Australia. and the serve a double purpose. unlike barcodes that only serve for identification, QR codes can carry “Read and Command” information so if you got  a phone that recognizes QR codes. your phone will not only will receive the info in the code but will call for a action. in this case will load up your mobile site.

you can place it in your blog or profile too if you live in the places mentioned. it should get spread enough in north america by the end of year for all to try it out.

Widgets Lab Mobile

The Widgets Lab Mobile site is already active and there is no much you need to do to see it. if you got your phone at hand just go to http://WidgetsLab.com . that means the same address of the regular site and you should get redirected to the adequate version for you. 

If you prefer to go to the Direct Mobile Site, then you only need to go to http://WidgetsLab.mofuse.mobi and you are set.

if you are in your PC right now you can also load up that link. Mofuse generates a preview of the mobile site for anyone to check it out.

Regular Mobile Version

 tmp108D   tmp1086

Optimized iPhone Version

capture1      capture3

And there you have it. i hope you get to add Widgets Lab to your Phone and  get to read us there. i will be customizing the site further but i wanted to get it out as soon as possible.

Widgets Labs Mobile


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