AOL goes for Social Networking Ads with Goowy Powered Widgets

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According to the Associate Press, AOL will give more strength to its Advertising Network in the Social Networking space by releasing Advertising into Goowy powered Widgets (and Widget-apps) for Facebook and of course the now AOL owned Bebo. they are also going to allow any brand that is interested in this to create what appears to be promo widgets (Widget Ad units) also to be powered by Goowy.

Goowy was the company behind YourMinis that AOL acquired back in February and the Goowy webtop (web os) that was/is still one of the best executed to this moment. while i am glad to see they are finally integrating Goowy into AOL. i wonder what will happen to the Goowy Weptop. leaving it die would be foolish. so i hope they get it some use.

AOL has started a very notable restructuring lately deciding they were going to get out of the storage space by closing various properties like Xdrive and AOL pictures. they also went berserk in restructuring the budget in They seem to need money now so. Widget Ads seems to be one of the solutions. they already have a success with userplane, so why not a double strike with Goowy?

AOL ges for social-net ads

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