Hulu raises the bar again, releases 4 awesome Video Badge Widgets

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Hulu does it again. first they launched a service that managed to overcome all the bad rep it first had in anticipation and released very fine video player widgets. then they went with a “in your face” moment to Google`s YouTube and made their Video embeddables searchable within the widget and took video widgets to other level. now they went for video badge Widgets.

It is not that they are super customizable or super good looking. They are not. is the fact that none of the big video services had done it this well and much less YouTube. 

The Widgets released by Hulu are just incredibly well executed. just like i had been telling Widgets should be in 2008.

Hulu released a slew of Widgets, and they can be separated in two kinds:

1.- Low End Video Badge Widget with Embedded Player

2.-High End Video Badge Widget without Embedded Player

When i say Low End i only say that when compared to the High End video Badge Widget from Hulu. in terms of other video services, the low end ones are as good if not better than the widgets from most services.

Lets start with the High End one. that truly blows away the competition up to now.

I.-Video Badge Widget with Embedded Player

This is a Video Badge Widget that got it all. it even resembles a Desktop app or could even pass as a extremely well designed iPhone app for that matter.

Why?. well what other Video Widget badge got the following things?:

  • *Search          (full search of hulu programming like in the hulu embeddable video players)
  • *Browsing       ( you can navigate the pages like in a website)
  • *Sorting         (choose the parameter of the kind of content as clip, tv show or movie)
  • *Sections     (featured, most popular recently added, queue)
  • *Loggable       (you can load into your hulu account from it and use it for your common hulu use)
  • *Preferences   (you can set your widget directly within it)
  • *Quick Embed option    ( copy and paste embed code)
  • *High Spread Sharing module    ( Vista sidebar,  iGoogle, Netvibes and Facebook )
  • *Quick Viewing Embedded Video Player (that comes with its own full set of Options and info)


That makes it the most advanced widget of its kind i had seen up to now. there is of course a simple trade off. it is a Widgetized of Hulu Web Service fitted for iframe. i would not be surprised if this Widget ends up being the direct inspiration of Mobile Hulu and hulu iphone app (or viceverza).

The form also makes it a admirable Vista Sidebar Gadget and Widget for a Startpage or Facebook.

Even then it is truly admirable as a Widget and makes the Hulu service portable since it is completely Widgetized. it well deserves to be embedded here.


II.-Video Badge Widgets Without Embedded Player

A set of  simple to use Video Badge Widgets done in Flash  that can show your favorite clips in Hulu and take you to them but that you not only can get the code via a direct copy embed button click (a clever approach to the now old copy and paste) . something that is appreciated.

There are 3 of them and they comes they follow:

1.- Seasonal Video Badge (in this case summer)

This is a widget without customization, it shows you a set of featured hulu videos that are scheduled from the site every week. this could be seen as the most common Video Badge Widget like the one in any other service

tmp3B3    tmp3B4

2.-Sorted Picks Video Badge

This a Video Badges that lets you Sort Videos in it from a set of parameters:

  • *Most Popular Today
  • *Highest Rated Today
  • *Recently Added

Then you can choose the kind of content to be sorted:

  • *All Videos
  • *All TV
  • *TV episodes
  • *TV clips
  • *All movies
  • *Featured Films
  • *Movie clips

tmp3B0     tmp3B1

3.-Specific Show or Movie Widget

My favorite from the low end. you get to show the videos you want because you can sort and set your video widget badge from the widget because it counts with ALL of Hulu Programming in it for you to do it. that is a very simple idea, but yet brilliant because it is not common to see yet.

tmp381          tmp3C8

Still. for a first version of their Video Badge Widgets it is a very impressive and well executed first version set  and a must have set of widgets for any Hulu user or even not yet hulu users.. if you are out of the usa. you are then out of luck unless you know of that certain thing you can get to be able to watch the videos. just like me that i am in Mexico.

The release of the widgets was broke by Techcrunch and they also got a video interview  with hulu CTO where the widget is also shown.


Hulu Widgets

via Techcrunch


  1. speedy says:

    Hulu really provides such a good function. However this is my first time know about hulu and try it when I know it from your blog. Thanks

  2. Avatar says:

    @speedy: glad you liked it. and yes. they are great widgets. take it from me. i happen to know a little thing or two about them.. 😉 . hope you have liked the blog. don`t forget to subscribe! 😀

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