WidgetBucks makes their Ad Widgets skinnable

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Widgetbucks is the startup that has been compared to Adsense in a Widget. other said it is more of a non amazon affiliate Widget Ad option. whatever it is they seem to be doing great.

This is a step in the right direction because it makes the Widget easier to integrate into a blog. you can choose from 125 Widgetbucks skins or make your own to ensure it will fit right in and in turn maximizing the effect of the Widget.


However. not everything is so rosy. i still get comments and e-mails about suspended and blocked accounts in Widgetbucks. in order to clear this up i tried to contact someone at WidgetBucks but no one wrote back yet.  i would like to get WidgetBucks CEO on hold for some questions so i will try again later.


via techcrunch

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