Widget Optimization Demystified

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If you ever wondered what situation can lead to a Widget being in risk of being penalized when they carry some hidden links or keywords and in what way that may be the best to approach. then this post by Brian Chappell should of some use.

He asked 16 SEO experts on this matter presenting this case to them:

“A site that sells chairs decides to build a widget. The widget shows the top 10 selling chairs on their site.

The chair selling website is called : chairsunlimited.com

At the bottom of the widget the following text is displayed: “Grab your Chairs Widget”

The phrase “Chairs” links to chairsunlimited’s widget page on the site, which explains how to “grab” the widget, for use on your site.

Should chairsunlimited be penalized in Google for deploying the tactic described above?”

Then, the SEO experts weigh in. follow to know the outcome.

Widget Optimization Demystified – 16 Experts Weigh In


  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers. It was interesting to hear other peoples opinion on this highly debated matter.

    Great site as well, I just subscribed.

  2. Ha. The Mybloglog avatar plugin appears to have a major flaw for sites that multiple authors 🙂

  3. Avatar says:

    @Brian Chappell: it was interesting to hear it answered for pretty much once and for all.

    and than for subscribing.

  4. Avatar says:

    @Brian Chappell: ah yeah, that is a common issue with MyBlogLog among many others.. but there is no other option that can outrank them yet. blogcatalog is trying but i doub`t they can catch them soon.

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