Silverlight 2 PhotoGallery

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Silverlight PhotoGallery is the latest release from my favorite Italian silverlight developer that previously released the YouTube Like  Silverlight MinoPlayer 1.2.

The thinking is the same. this is a Silverlight 2 powered Gadget, that means you need the latest Silverlight 2 plugin install to use it.


As always, one of the best things Silverlight 2 got against both Flash and Flex is the ease to pass to full screen and back without that meaning a dent in terms of performance and ram consume. i dare you to compare a similar Flex or Flash powered photo gallery that can offer you that. this is important because it means that if you put this in your site, your site performance will not be anywhere near as affected as it is with a Flash version of the same.

As always the project page contain a detailed and easy to follow tutorial for anyone to get using the photogallery in no time. there is of course a live example in the project page.

Silverlight PhotoGallery

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