Omnisio acquired by Google as a way to empower YouTube and maybe Google Docs

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When YouTube started testing annotations i remember being underwhelmed by how weak they were compared to the ones made by other services. one of those services was Omnisio. it looks like i was not wrong because Google decided to acquire them as Techcrunch reported and now YouTube has already confirmed.

Omnisio got two tools that are pretty much a match with what YouTube was already wanting to do:


Being able to annotate the video is one thing YouTube was already able to do, letting other users annotate and comment in the form of annotations is something they did now had yet and that is what Omnisio can deliver right away.

2.-Video Mash Ups

Being able to mix videos online is not new, being able to do it as easily as omnisio had done it for the average user was something YouTube was not able to deliver timely. but that is what omnisio did and most of the mash ups where done thanks to YouTube videos.

So those are the two main reasons for it to be used in YouTube that can be though right away. but i got other reasons where the talented omnisio team may come in for YouTube:

1.-Better overlay ads

To this moment , youtube has failed to produce Overlay ads they feel as rightly done, so anything to speed up things will be seen as worthwhile

2.-New versions of the YouTube player

This is something youtube have done right from the start, the speed the YouTube player has been good enough as we already have seen 3 major releases of it. but with every version the challenges are bigger, so why not ensure everything goes smooth?

3.-Better in video linking

This is almost an afterthought the minute they decide they have got annotations right.

But what about Google Docs?

In specific Google Presentations. Omnisio got a third tool and this one is the one i think is the best because it is something they had first and that i have not seen done elsewhere. that is Omnisio Video Presentations.

It is a tool that allows you to synchronize  a slideshare presentation or a PDF document with a video. that way you can get a widescreen video player widget where you get to see the slideshow along the video presentation. a killer way to deliver Keynotes from conferences and events online or make one from the comfort of your home.

The video player embeddable used for this tool was clearly the most advanced because it also showed you the comment in annotation style making it a rich experience.


So it think this should do end up as part of a YouTube – Google Docs tools. more for the benefit of Google Docs users than YouTube.


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