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There are already some Chat to IM widgets around and that get quite a lot of use. but pretty much all of them are from third parties. they are made as a communication gateway for a third party Multi IM client. that is of course good on itself and we will see more of them later but first i want to talk a little about Windows Live Messenger IM Control or Live IM Control for short.

This is a First party Widget, well Gadget since it is from Windows Live. that connect with Windows Live Messenger. The Widget is meant for you to use it in your blog or your website if your primary IM client is Live Messenger and there is close to 40% of a chance that may be the case.

And just like the Widgets from third parties its goal is pretty much the same. to let you connect with your readers, friends or clients depending where and how you may want to use it.

Using it is simple and you only need to follow these steps:

1.-Login to your Live Messenger web settings:

Go to this page and log in with the Live ID you use for Live Messenger

2.-Change your Live Messenger web settings:


Activate the option that says “Allow anyone on the web to see my presence and send me messages”

3.-Choose your desired Live Messenger IM control

Go to the Create HTML page and  choose your preferred version


I.- IM Window

This is the full version and will operate directly in your page


This will show if you are online and allow a browser window to be launched in order to use the Live IM Control widget

III.-Status Icon

Will only show if you are online or not

4.-If you choose the IM Window version you can also customize your Live IM control Widget

Choose you desired size and Color, the HTML code will update once you do


5.-Paste and Start using it

Place it in your blog, your social network profile or you website and start using it.

This whole process can be done in 3 minutes. so there you go.

I will place on in this post in order to demo it. i am not sure if i will have it here in the blog but it will be living here in this blog post.



  1. Wayn says:

    Why does this often now work? I have the messenger box on 2 of my web pages and I notice times the box will not load?

    It is actually happening to me right now. I know the codes is inserted ok as it does work. Just not always.

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