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Monitter is a automatic twitter search keyword monitor in real time service site done in Jquery where you can set up 3 keywords to monitor and choose 3 languages to do so. the design is based on a AIR app called TweetDeck and it nice to get a notion of what people are talking about a specific thing in twitter at the moment and how much are they doing it.

Since they are using jQuery, they also offer the service as it is into a JQuery Widget you can install in a blog. right now because of the size it is better if used as a footer. having such a widget would be useful for newsbits driven blogs, info blogs (just the straight news as a note, no opinion within the posts) and topical blogs.


I wish they would release a 1 keyword at a time version done in Silverlight or Flash so it would be more embed friendly and could be put everywhere. look customization would also be a good thing to have. in the meantime this is what there is out.

hopefully it will call for more ideas using Twitter Search. and lets wish some of those ideas can get to be Widgets too.

Monitter Widget


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