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Picwing is a very simple photo service that allows you to upload pictures by emailing them to the service or loading them up thanks to a desktop app. that is of course not all. the service focus is to be almost a real time photo album aggregator that can put those photos into several places as soon as they are uploaded. one of those places is into a Internet Enabled Photo Frame they also sell and where their monetization comes from.


The other options are Widgets:



A widgetized cross platform desktop app done in AIR that can be used in PC, Mac and Linux given the simple nature of the application. this app allows you to do several simple functions like comment into the photos, download them, view them and uploaded them by dragging the pictures in the photo frame widget.



The also got a Chumby Widget you can load into your Chumby Device. The Chumby is a internet enabled devices that serves up Widgets.

3.-Web Widget

A simple Automatic SlideShow of your PicWing Photo Album you can put wherever it fits for you and that will load up your Photo Album for all to see. that also includes the pictures you add from the desktop.


The simple nature of the service makes it  easy to use for everyone. a great way to share pictures with friends or family with or without a computer. also a good way to have a conversation around the photos thanks to the desktop app. it can also serve other uses like being able to attend an event, take pictures, send them after taking them to your PicWing –mail address and know they will be added to your picwing photo widget right away for all to see.



  1. Edward Kim says:

    Thanks for reviewing picwing! I’m Edward one of the cofounders. We just wanted to let you know that we are working hard to push new features very quickly.

  2. Avatar says:

    @Edward Kim: Thanks for the visit. i liked it and i think the service got future. after all MS already got Frame It. so this is something that will grow over time. i would like to see a High Spread Sharing Module for the web widget so it could get placed everywhere in a automatic form. something like this would also benefit from a mobile site or MMS service. i look forward to see how it evolves. let me know of any news.

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