Disqus 2.0: Comments back up, more SEO, new look and more WordPress integration

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This was one of those post that slipped through the cracks. but better late than too late.10 days ago Disqus released version 2.0 of their WordPress Plugin. this offers a better integration for WordPress users than any other Social Commenting System (or alternate, if you will) for WordPress blogs. they have highlighted the following changes:

WordPress Plugin 2.0

We’ve been working on improving integration with platforms. Available now, the new WordPress-Disqus plugin 2.0 features the following:

  • Comments are indexable by search engines (SEO-friendly)
  • Export and import of comments
  • Automatic synchronization between Disqus.com and your WordPress comments
  • Uses the new Disqus API
  • Moderate/administer your blog right from the WordPress admin

This update makes it easier than ever to try Disqus out.

Note about import: Comments imported into Disqus will be initially unclaimed. People can merge these comments with their Disqus profiles simply by claiming the comments.

The WordPress plugin is just one of the first uses of our new, revamped APIs, which we built to open Disqus up to developers. There are currently some developers using our API for custom integrations or connecting web applications with the Disqus network. We are still polishing up our public documentation, but they will be available soon.


Disqus now has a new look. The look itself isn’t faster — it’s accessing your stuff that is now speedier. The entire interface was retooled to improve how you use Disqus. Not only is using Disqus faster, we’ve worked on making the entire service quicker. We know many people trust our service to be fast and reliable so we spent some time making sure we’re delivering on this.

The New Homepage for Commenters

The new Disqus homepage is completely focused on you, the commenter. From the homepage, you are able to view your and friends’ comments, track replies, and manage everything from a single interface.

Adding and Following Friends

Following people’s comments has been improved. On someone’s profile, click “Follow”. You can view view all of your friends’ comments by toggling the button on the homepage.


New Admin Interface for Bloggers

Publishers, bloggers, or website owners have a hard job. The new Admin interface makes it much easier to moderate commenters and administer settings. We feel that the new Disqus.com is much more useful; we hope you take a look around and will agree with us.

Comment Blogs

Disqus also has new profiles for commenters. While familiar, the new profiles have one big difference: we’re treating them as comment-blogs. Many people don’t have a blog, but comment regularly all over the place. A comment blog is their place to collect and show off their thoughts. We have big plans for this, including customization.

Note that the changes are only WordPress specific. there is no mention of Blogger or other platform. the changes are pretty much a step up over JS-KIT in the case of WordPress. there is also the fact that Disqus provides Specific support for 2 more Blog Platforms than JS-KIT. but in terms of Blogger support JS-KIT got a better integration. logical considering Blogger is where the big numbers are. Disqus upgrade is still a huge step up against the two minor players in the Social Commenting Systems and in the Commentosphere Second War against Disqus. a war that started with JS-KIT acquiring Haloscan and that continues via Savvy Marketing and Big Partnerships from JS-KIT. but SEO friendly comments, Comments back up and synchronization come a long way and now it will be time for JS-KIT to answer back and escalate things even further to the benefit of everyone. Meanwhile the other players like Intense Debate and SezWho prepare something up or just await to see what happens while trying to not lag behind too much.


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  1. Khris says:


    Thanks for keeping everyone up to date!

    Please note that JS-Kit developed “Sync” which backs up comments to WordPress & Blogger in real-time — a full month before anyone else.

    That same release also brought to the world full SEO support.

    The announcement in TechCrunch can be seen here:



    [email protected]


  2. Avatar says:

    @Khris: that is what i said and linked to my own post on that

  3. Levan says:

    Oooo! This is a point mentioned. I like when everything in place while it is understandable to mere mortals.

  4. Avatar says:

    @Levan: so you like my take or you are being sarcastic? 😛

  5. Valentine says:

    Extraordinarity: ,

  6. Holly says:

    i am still looking for a good SEO plugin for WordPress. my blog is not ranking high enought for the keywords that i wanted to rank.

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