Yahoo and Intel will bring Widgets into your TV via Widgets Channel

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Looks like Yahoo is thinking into the future for its Widget biz and has decided that TV Widgets will be something not only doable but worth of their attention. they have now announced that they will collaborate with Intel to bring a Widgets Channel to Internet Enabled TV`s in the not so distant future. this widget channel will be totally feasible thanks to the fact that these Internet enabled TV will support not only HTML and XML but also JavaScript and even Flash.


While this looks to come out of nowhere. it is not at all random. it was meant to happen and it is a logical evolution for Yahoo and Intel. this collaboration is not truly visionary either since it already responds to something. that something would be what Top Box providers have been thinking in doing  for the last 2 years but have been unable to do so in a effective way. but it is not just Top Box providers trying to do this. it is also hardware tech companies like Samsung who is putting a lot of interest in Widgets, Widgetization and Widgetized UI/UX lately. they also announced that they will be putting widgets into TV`s via a MediaExtender called MediaLive. Something  there is no doubt is that other hardware companies will follow now that Yahoo and Intel has announced this. There is also the fact that Microsoft plans something similar with multiple Widget (gadgets in case MS) Technologies that will get into several devices. but in the case of TV`s. it is something that would be easy to adopt for the upcoming Mediaroom. MSFT evolution in IPTV services and where they may also have an ace by using Silverlight to provide it if they wanted it.

Widgets on my TV?

As with any new technology. it is hard to think on this being useful now. that is of course because right now it is not really possible in mainstream terms. but 2010 is the limit line for full digital TV adoption worldwide and TV continues to get not only more powerful and bigger. but  also cheaper. that makes the shift for this tech easy to do because while you may rock a 30 inch regular widescreen tv in your living room. right now  from 2010 and up the less you will want to get is going to be 50  inches and up in cinematic widescreen that will happen to be not only HD  and fully digital but Internet enabled. Widgets don`t sound so out of place then uh?.

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