Zoho enters the digital document game releases Zoho Share, aims at Adobe, Scribd and DocStoc

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Zoho surely not stops surprising me. they must be one the most daring companies around today. they are in the hardest spot you could be in and yet they continue to raise the bet. that is not only daring but also a little crazy. Zoho as some, if not most of you know is the Google Docs competitor.

Zoho produces what i consider the best and most complete Web Office Suite. it is way superior and more broad than Google Docs. so much that they not only say they compete with Google but are crazy enough to try to aim at the unbeatable Microsoft Office division Google  itself among big companies like Sun, Apple,Adobe and many other have failed miserably to unsettle. yet Zoho believe they can compete. they are of course wrong in the case of going against Microsoft. but they do have a nice chance of unsettling Google and Adobe. Adobe is already prepping up its own vision on what a  Web Office Suite should do. Google Docs is already dominating this space and Google takes very seriously the threat of Adobe and Zoho to their own solution that aims to hurt Microsoft. the dilemma here is that it will be even less possible for any of them to challenge Office since a competition war between the alternatives to Microsoft  is already brewing.


Zoho Share on the other hand aims to the Digital Document space. a space that is actually dominated by independent companies like Scribd and DocStoc. a space where Adobe recently entered with Adobe Share and where they are actually the underdog. the entrance of the Web Office Suites into this space was to be expected, and it is something i said back at the start of the year when i commented on one a Scribd initiative.:

This initiative is a good way too for scribd to increase their footprint and their brand. and boy if they need it. as i already said.  this space is going to get worse for them with Google Docs, Adobe Share and Office Live natural progression into this space in a way it will not leave many Startups able to compete with them. scribd truly wants to be the company left standing in case they don`t get acquired and also in case other competitors in their space survive.

Later on the Adobe Share update happened, several Google Docs updates went underway and now this unexpected entry by Zoho confirms it. i wonder how long it will take for Google to follow suite now that they are quite late to the party.


Zoho Share Digital Document Embeddables and viewer are actually quite poor. but Zoho is known for evolving fast and they now got a foot in. so l expect them to evolve fast and offer something more akin to what docstoc does instead of scribd. the site in itself is actually good already and should prove a very great addition to those already using the Zoho Office Suite and a good way to persuade more people to try them instead of Google Docs.

Zoho Share

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