Joost to abandon desktop client to go web based, Joost Widgets to die too?

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Joost was a good idea that turned a bad idea given its slow and bumpy development process. the really, really bad decision to try to make a cross platform desktop application based on Mozilla code was one of the worst possible ways to go given the kind of money in play (so far 45 million). this is of course because of the horrible track record any non mozilla spin off  or loosely tied project has. every single project that has used mozilla code got a very glaring history of either failing or be plagued by issues and development problems. one of Joost main competitors was/is the Miro project. who also happens to use mozilla code. they also have a track record of slow development and issues but unlike joost. they had 3 advantages: they were fully Open Source, it was formed by a participation based joined development effort and they had close to one year of development invested before joost appeared.  i knew from the minute i first tested the first version of the joost application that it could not be possible they would pull it off something good with that client. it always seemed odd to me why they didn`t developed native apps for each platform instead. they could easily have started with a .net app for windows and built things from there. then there was the thing that joost was developed at a bad timeframe. i can only imagine what a livestation like app joost could have been if it were instead a .Net/ Silverlight app instead. many also question why they even bothered to go with a desktop app. part of the reason was that the kind of P2P streaming they wanted to do at the time. was impossible to archive online. now you can do it. but when they started, it was not a option. the other reason was their Social Widget Platform idea. they put out a Joost Widget API out and expected that Joost was able to become a Platform. this of course seems to have failed too. i don`t see any hint that the Joost Widgets idea will continue in the Web Version. and even if it manages to do so. i doubt they can make it catch on. not now at least. they have to survive and thrive first. something that now looks highly unlikely with the competition they face with Hulu, DNAstream among many others and the money they have already burned.

Joost Tries to Remain Relevant; Will Nix Desktop Client via Mashable

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