Google Desktop Updates. Consumes Less Resources, Brings Gadget Performance Analysis

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Google Desktop

Google desktop has always been resources hungry. the CPU utilization got better as it updated but it remained to be memory hungry. the new update that brings Google Desktop to version 5.8 finally solves that issue. the reason for Google Desktop high memory consume seemed to be its desktop index and search. this has been improved greatly so it will reduce the consume of the overall application in XP. in the case of Vista this is even more noticeable because Google has finally gave up on replacing the default index and search engine vista got and will instead use it by default before its own. you can still use Google index and search if you want but it will be an overkill and there will be no gain unless you have not updated your desktop search to 4.0. if you haven`t then you should.

That brings up the question. if a user got search 4.0 in XP. the Google Desktop 5.8 install will detect it and will use that by default or will still use its own?. that is something to look out if you are going to use Google Desktop in XP.

The second noticeable thing from this Google Desktop update is that it will do its own performance analysis in order to adjust to your configuration and will also indicate you if you are using Google Desktop Gadgets that are not working in the way they should or if they are consuming more memory than they should. this is a very welcome things. this allows user to recognize something is wrong and do something to improve its own experience with the application and with its Google Desktop Gadgets.

Google Desktop 5.8

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  1. seo of India says:

    What should I do? I want to use G.D in my PC on XP,
    What version should I install first?

  2. I think you are safe to install the newest version of Google Desktop. Google knows that millions of users still run XP, so they will definitely release a product that will work with it.

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