Sony Japan releases bravia TV widgets SDK

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I guess it is time to forget about Samsung and Yahoo being the pioneers of HD TV widgetization. Sony Japan already supports TV widgets for its newest HD TV Bravia line. the TV’s are internet enabled and they will be able to load the widgets by├é┬ástreaming them from a channel in a way very reminiscent of the Wii. before, you only counted with the widgets officially released by sony. now everyone will be able to develop widgets for the bravia HD TV line, thanks to a SDK Sony japan is releasing. given the free access any bravia owner have to the widgets. the widgets need to be verified before released for use. this is a process that sony promises to be very streamlined and just a way to ensure there is a filter process.

While Sony is just testing the waters. given the interest in widgets in korea from sony competing brands. it is more than likely that there will be widgets in the future of every sony TV in the next decade. it is fitting that sony is the one testing and advacing in this because one of the templates of this widget platform can be found in the Sony Mylo. so it may not only be a thing for TV`s. it could end up in the PS3-PSP devices as well.

Sony Insider got more details on the SDK and also details a contest as a incentive so some developers get more willing to give it a try.

Sony Japan Releases Bravia App SDK

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