LG KC910, the viewty successor gets finally named LG Renoir

September 22nd, 2008 by Avatar X Leave a reply »

The Samsung Omnia competitor and viewty successor from LG now officially called LG Renoir (previously KC910) has been captured live by BoyGeniusReport and there is a shot showing the Widgetized Mobile desktop. in the LG Renoir is more akin to a emulation of the Mac Dashboard, instead of the Vista Sidebar like approach of the Samsung Omnia. i think the Vista Sidebar is the best implemantion (after all it got followed by Yahoo Widget Engine and Google Desktop) . so seeing this implementation is disappointing. the phone itself counts with some INSANE specs but it stopped in its tracks by having a custom LG OS that is not anywhere close to pack the power in terms of  software wealth and possible software scenarios the omnia has by shipping with Windows Mobile 6.1. however it is important to remember that the what gave the omnia its punch was the combination of its TouchWIZ UI with Windows Mobile 6.1, so it is a possibility that LG may release a WM version of the LG Renoir later on. that would be interesting to see.

After all. The Omnia was response to LG original viewty (that was a spinoff of the prada). it makes me think what kind of insane phone the Omnia 2 or whatever gets to be the Samsung Omnia Successor could get to be (WM7, TW2?). but sticking to the widget factor in this phone. it is seriously lacking and not anywhere as polished as it is the Samsung TouchWIZ completely Widgetized UI and UX.

Live Images of LG Renoir, the Viewty successor, emerge

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