Samsung Anycall Haptic 2 announced, comes with TouchWIZ and 50 Widgets by default

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Ok, Samsung has gone completely crazy and overboard with TouchWIZ. as if it was not enough with the announcement of their new Photo Centric, 8mp camera and TouchWIZ phone. they are now announcing the second version of the Samsung Anycall Haptic. a phone that i wrote about just a little over 6 months ago as it was the second to sport TouchWIZ.

The frame of the phone seems to share half of the Omnia look and half of the Pixon look. the Anycall is multimedia centric and it comes with Digital Mobile TV, 4gb or 16gb SSD options and improvements in multi touch, haptics and responsiveness compared to the first Anycall Haptic. but that is not all. it comes fully packed with Samsung TouchWIZ Widgets. it carries 50 TouchWIZ Widgets from the let go. that is quite a selection. does that means that those are all the TouchWIZ Widget available considering that the Pixon comes with 18 by default?. that is the question left unanswered right now. but 50 widgets should suffice to anyone for the first months. given the pace they got. a new Omnia Software Update should not be far away. i will of course keep you posted.

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  2. Touchwiz ard says:

    The Samsung Anycall looks like a great phone I must agree with Nicolette. This phone also features the Samsung Touchwiz UI. I am not really sure but isn’t Touchwiz something Samsung ads to an already existing operating system? That is they would add Touchwiz to an Android Samsung phone?

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