Samsung Pixon M8800 reviewed, comes with TouchWIZ and 18 Widgets

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The pace of the Mobile Industry is blazing fast now in Korea. just last week i posted about the LG Renoir KC910 and wondered how Samsung would respond to it and its 8mb pixels camera and such. it results they already had a response in the plans with the M8800 known as PIXON.


While it may not responds in a Spec vs Spec way it does look to blow away the LG Renoir on two areas: The Camera and The Widgets.

Mobile Review have a extensive review of the device and in one part of it talk about the Widgets in the Device and claim almost 20. i personally counted 18 from the screens they show and the list they make of them. so i will go with 18.

       widget03        set08

they also mention that you can load  TouchWIZ Widgets from a Samsung website. i wonder if that also work in the WM6.1 +TouchWIZ  Omnia or just for Samsung OS +TouchWIZ phones. i had never seen the mention of a samsung TouchWIZ widgets website anywhere else before.

So, if you want to have a look at the phone. check the review. a good choice if you are interested in a 8mp camera phone.

Review of GSM/UMTS-handset Samsung PIXON M8800 via Mobile.Review

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  1. Seems to be a good choice by Samsung to add Touchwiz to this phone. If it will outperform the Renoir? I am not sure but the 8 MPX camera provided by this Touchwiz phone should do the job. In that way it might compare with SE Aino.

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