The Widget Interview To Resume Shortly Enough

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Given the Dozens of questions i have received via E-mail in the last weeks about what was of The Widget Interview. i feel obliged to clear out that the segment is not dead. it was just in a coma. i do have read and i do read every single  request i get. to most i reply but if your Startup is not a Widget Startup. as much as i would like to please you and make interviews to all that requests one. it would make no sense for it to be called “The Widget Interview” if i did so.

But let me give some additional pointers:

1.-I am interested in Widget Startups only

Please. stop requesting me to interview your non widget related start up that don`t even offers a widget to begin with. for it to appear in Widgets Lab!!!.

2.-The Widget Interview is 10 question long most of the time. one less or one more.

That means i don`t do 3 question interviews. that is because it is fishy and dumb those who dare to call such things interviews.

3.-I am interested in the CEO`s in the case of this series.

Nothing to add here.

4.-I cannot interview you if you are not on the market yet

This is the same reason why i don`t post about the lots and lots of private beta widgets or alpha state widgets i stumble with. if people cannot access it yet. and the Widget Startup has not launched anything. then you are pretty much asking to pitch me. it will not be much of a interview.

While it is tempting to do a series on that. i don`t plan on it yet because it would be too time consuming for me to do right now.

5.-I don`t do paid or sponsored interviews

I have nothing against making money. but that is not the right way to do it. much less if your widgets or widget startup are/is……not good.


There. i hope the basic guidelines are clearer now.

The plan is to start with TWI #2 next Monday or the Monday after next and then have one interview EVERY WEEK in a non stop fashion until i run out of Widget Startups. lets see how it goes this time around.

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