YouTube adds lots of small things so you don`t think on the post roll ads they also added.

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Unless you never visit YouTube or are too immersed with other online video provider to care about whatever youtube does. you should have noted how they have been adding lots of little things here and there. almost in a suspiciously fast way in the same time frame.

Things like the Theater view they copied from Hulu, comment audio previews, etc.

Why?. well that is because they have started to ramp up YouTube Advertising by spreading advertising parallel panels into more videos in the site and because you will now have two ads in the same video. the previously known pre-roll ad and the post roll ad. while many will say this does nothing since most will just jump out of them without seeing them. there is a good chance that you will still catch them while viewing the video. so the basic mathematics at play will make the chance to grasp your attention 200%. actually no. it will be more like 250% more because the Ad Squares you see in the video pages will start getting better ad should respond to when you are seeing the ads playing in the video.

Then there is the whole deal that they will start shipping these Ads with the video embeddables too in one moment or another just like Hulu does.and if all that fails. they still got those new click to buy buttons below the videos that have scored Google some great deals in order to try to monetize the beast that YouTube is.

Because while YouTube is #1 Online Video Provider all around the world. it is extremely expensive to operate,maintain and support. so expensive that it not only has not recouped what Google paid for it but that it still loses money beyond its initial cost. you can pretty much say that YouTube has cost Google no less than 2000 billion dlls so far without anything in return but unlimited potential.  having such a hole in the pocket is of course dangerous as Google got many of them because they have several Projects that produce zero, zitch, nada of revenue. YouTube is just the biggest hole they got

So they hope that these new Ads initiatives and affiliate deals are enough not for it to produce money. YouTube is very likely to not produce money during this decade but it maybe able to recover what it has cost and get enough to not be a burden.

A good thing to watch for is how other small video network get to innovate with advertising for Google to follow on and who just follow whatever Google tries with YouTube right now.

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