Netvibes To Get A Bigger Social Graph With Facebook Connect Integration

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Netvibes last big news is its current success with partnerships. the big news to come in Oct 23 is that Netvibes will have Facebook Connect integration. Facebook Connect is like Live ID Auth or MySpace Data Availability API. it allows Netvibes users to interact with Friends on Facebook. but it goes beyond just that. in Netvibes case is also a Gateway to get inside Facebook and for Facebook to be able to get Content to track inside the Social Network.

One of Netvibes strengths is that it is very capable for news sharing. so Netvibes users will be able to share news with their Facebook friends but also share photos, videos and yes Widgets. a huge deal for users because Netvibes got one of the biggest Startpage Widget Ecosystems. it is only second to iGoogle. but Google is a Facebook and Netvibes competitor. that is where this deal and integration makes sense for Facebook too that has to compete with The OpenSocial offerings.

This is great news. so as i said. Widgets will continue to be OK in Facebook.

Netvibes Press Release:

Paris, France (PRWEB) October 9, 2008 — Netvibes (, the leading widget and personalized startpage platform, announced today at the Facebook Developer Garage in Paris that it will soon offer full integration with Facebook Connect, enabling its users to: login using their Facebook ID; integrate their Netvibes activity feeds into Facebook; and share and comment on the rich media content, articles, widgets and news in Netvibes with friends on Later this month, Netvibes will become the first personalized startpage and one of the largest Web properties to officially complete full integration with Facebook Connect.

"Today at the Facebook Developer Garage we are celebrating the next important step in the openness of the Web. Netvibes first pioneered the Universal Widget API standard (UWA) and now we’re proud to be the first major personalized startpage to integrate with Facebook Connect," said Freddy Mini, CEO Netvibes. "By combining the viral reach of the Web’s largest social network with the power of Netvibes’ extensive social media partnerships and media personalization technology, we are in effect creating best way to access, personalize and share social media everyday on a scale that’s never been seen before."

Netvibes is the pioneer of the personalized startpage and one of the Web’s largest widget distributors, serving more than half a billion widgets per month to millions of users in more than 150 countries worldwide. Netvibes’ Facebook Widget is currently the fifth most popular desktop widget on Facebook, enabling users to conveniently access their Facebook profile and friends on the desktop or their Netvibes personalized startpage.

Netvibes will soon offe users even more ways to connect with Facebook friends on Netvibes via Facebook Connect. Any Facebook user can instantly login using their existing Facebook ID to create, personalize and save their own customized Netvibes page, as well as share their Netvibes activity feeds on Facebook.

This means that Facebook users can now leverage the power of Netvibes’ award-winning personalization technology to quickly share widgets, photos, videos and news with friends across Facebook. Netvibes is the ultimate way to quickly find and enjoy hundreds of thousands of widgets and personalized rich media feeds all on one page–from full-length CSI:NY episodes to official content from EMI, New York Times and USA Today. Now all of that content can be instantly shared with friends on both Netvibes and Facebook simultaneously.

The new features are targeted to go live on October 23rd, making Netvibes the first personalized startpage and one of the Web’s largest properties to become fully integrated with Facebook Connect. This announcement was made live earlier today at the Facebook Developer Garage hosted by Netvibes in Paris, France. The much-anticipated event was attended by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and focused on helping unite and educate Facebook and widget developers on open Web standards.

Earlier this week, Netvibes signed a multi-year, strategic partnership to power personalized startpages for, one of Russia’s largest Internet portals. Netvibes’ award-winning personalized page technology continues to expand its widespread adoption by more than 1,000 leading brands, including Le Figaro, ITV, El Pais, Die Welt, IlSole24Ore, CBS, News Corp, Sohu and CNET Asia.


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