Automattic Acquires PollDaddy

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Automattic, parent company of wordpress, akismet, and now also Intense Debate announced recently that they will be acquiring PollDaddy. the reason?. because Matt Mullenweg  is obsessed with polling. well. that is a good reason as any. then of course the justification to that obsession is that Polling remains one of the favorite things for WordPress users according to Matt and it has always remained one of the Top Ten Plugins. so having a polldaddy is a no brainer because polldaddy remains the top poll widget provider even if now got some seriously fierce competition from other really great polling widgets like Quibblo, Poll Boutique and Poll authority.

PollDaddy has been doing all kind of stuff with polls and the most amazing thing about it is that it is run by two irish blokes. that is right. two guys from Ireland. that is some serious bootstrapping. one of the most notorious too. the only example that could possible top it would be PlentyOfFish and the only other Widget Startup i can think of that is as bootstrapped as Polldaddy would be RateItAll.

Congratulations to the guys at polldaddy for this. and WordPress has already integrated  PollDaddy Widgets to and has released a plugin version of polldaddy for self hosted blogs.

Just like with Intense Debate. there will be integration but the service will remain open for all. this should be a good wake up call for the other players in terms of Poll Widgets. it is time to update and adapt in order to have a better competition now that polldaddy is no longer independent. more now that ever because Polldaddy while agile will surely have quite a bit of a slowdown while adapting to this new way of doing things. a slowdown i had already previously noted and that was exactly what allowed the competing Widgets to gain ground.


via Matt Mullenweg blog and Polldaddy Blog


  1. frustrated client says:

    hopefully acquisition by WordPress will improve communication with their customer base. We are a large media company that has been using their product for approx 8 plus months. They regularly release code, schedule maintenance without notifying clients of impact of impact of said maintenance and releases. If and when they do communicate it is usually through their blog and only about stuff like this aforesaid acquisition. I’m getting a lot of pressure from our editors and content team to look elsewhere for a more reliable app.

  2. Avatar says:

    @Frustrated client: i guess you mean Polldaddy. yes it is true. i have noted that been a way too bootstrapped startup can have its negative side like a lack of compressive customer care. this is something i have seen with polldaddy in the last few months. if you are interested in options for polls. look at the categories int his blog for “polls” and look at the services i link in this very post. i have taken a look at them. hopefully you will find what you want. thanks for visiting. and thanks for commenting.

  3. Matt Mullenweg is obsessed with polling

    No he’s not. If he was, there wouldn’t be over a hundred threads in the support forums asking for polls without any answer by him. They’ve been asking for poll support for years.

    Matt’s just once again trying to look good and hoping no one will call him on it. Guess you fell for it.

  4. Avatar says:

    @Dr. Mike Wendell: I am just quoting from him, i didn`t assured that he was obsessed with polls. i said he said he was obsessed with polls and that was the reason he gave for the polldaddy acquisition. then he gives up the real reasons: that polls where one of the top plugins at all times and the other reason is because from what i know matt is looking for solid diversification. what you tell me confirms what matt says and what he don`t says directly. making the polldaddy acquisition a good thing. i am sorry if i am not as slanderous as i should be. but i do know where you are coming from. don`t worry.

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