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Yahoo Messenger Pingbox is a mirror equivalent of Live Messenger IM Control. it lets you chat with visitors in your website, social profile and blog. While there are others like the Meebome IM chat Widget or Digsby IM Chat Widget (which is a Clone of Meebome). they are to basic to be compared to Live IM Control or to Yahoo Pingbox.

That is because both are good looking in their respective styles. but i must hand it to Yahoo. it outdoes what IM Control set to do. this if course not a coincidence since Pingbox is recent compared to Live  IM control and it has not been updated in quite a while.

Pingbox is very rich looking and it blends well thanks to the styles you can add to the widget. you can easily create your Pinbox Chat Widget thanks to a very well done Flex based Widget Editor. i created mine in less than one minute:


Once you are done, you just click the next button to generate your Pingbox Widget. you will be presented with a very simple High Spread Sharing panel that includes the options for what Yahoo Considered the Top places for you to use PingBox. these are: hi5, friendster, myspace, blogger, xanga, livejournal and Live Spaces. you can still of course put it everywhere by grabbing the code. you can also set the size for your widget and update the code quickly while also seeing a live preview of it.


Once you decide where it will go or what code you will choose. just copy and paste it wherever you want it and it will look just like this one:

The Pingbox Widget impressed me because it feels incredibly light and snappy. this may be because i am using Flash 10 already and because it comes from Yahoo (they do great widgets) so it leaves me completely satisfied and i don`t fear to say it is better than Live IM Control. This later if the rumors are true will no longer will be iFrame based but Silverlight 2 based. so lets see how it does once updated. for now. if you use Yahoo Messenger (preferably 9.0 for full interactivity) there is simply no contest. use this one. totally recommended.

Yahoo Messenger Pingbox


  1. Tracy says:

    why not use with Yahoo 360Plus viet nam??

  2. Avatar says:

    Do you mean it don`t works with Yahoo360?. i think it is because while they have not pulled off Yahoo360. the service now is orphaned. don`t know what Yahoo will do of that. but it could see the same looks as yahoo briefcase and geocites and remain out of the loop, yet still alive.

  3. Steve Enright says:

    Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox does NOT work on MySpace. I am not the only person complaining that this widget always shows the “page or site owner” as offline even while they are in fact online.

  4. Avatar says:

    So what you are saying is that it does installs and displays correctly but never shows you online to actually chat?.. that sounds like myspace blocking the widget or Yahoo didn`t requesting clearance for the widget… some widgets that maintain a constant link usually get blocked unless myspace had authorized them. interesting. i will let the Yahoo team know.

  5. Slims says:

    My PingBox does not show on blogger 🙁 . It just looks like a white square with 2 arrows rotating in the upper left corner. What can I do ? Please help. ( It does not show in ” Manage PingBox either )

  6. noping says:

    Do you know how to add a Pingbox to a PROFILE page at LiveJournal? I have no problem adding it as a regular post, but I can’t get it into my profile. I read somewhere it can be done, but I can’t find instructions for it. When I try to add the code to my profile page nothing happens – just a blank space where it’s suppposed to go.


  7. Amudhan says:

    I had added it to Blogger. It always shows as offline. I don’t know what to do. Will try for some more days and get rid of this flashy (but buggy, useless) tool.

  8. to Amudhan says:

    If you sign in YM then it will be available on your blog. It does work very good…

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