Newsgator Widgets Now Sport Gigya Wildfire High Spread Sharing

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One the immediate reactions from Gigya announcement of gaining the #1 spot when it comes to Widget Companies was that many previous minor partners started evaluating extending their relations with Gigya. once of the best examples of this is Newsgator Widgets.  they previously had a deal for promotion and monetization. now. after the Gigya #1 Milestone, this partnership was extended to include Gigya Wildfire. Wildfire is Gigya High Spread Sharing Modules for Quick Link Installs to a lot of Social Networks and Blog Platforms in one go.


Now all Newsgator Widget will sport it. so this should enhance Newsgator presence into Widgets and it is a good thing because it makes High Spread Sharing more and more ubiquitous. something that i have insisted on pretty much all 2008.

Newsgator Widgets

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