Clearspring Launches Next Generation Sharing Service

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New Launchpad Sharing Menu released on anniversary of original release

First, lets get this bit out of the way.
comScore Ranks Clearspring as the Number One Widget Network Worldwide

According to comScore, Clearspring logged 254 million unique visitors worldwide in September, easily outdistancing its nearest competitor by 93 million visitors. In addition to ranking Clearspring as the global leader in the widget market, comScore revealed that the company also extended its lead by 34 million in the U.S. market in September, growing 43 percent and reaching over 101 million unique visitors in the United States.

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Clearspring has announced the release of their next generation Launchpad widget menu. They have made the menu much more user friendly. Launchpad will re-arrange icons based upon which ones you use most frequently. No more scrolling to the bottom to find your favorite.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a colorful Launchpad window. Custom colors have become available to developers. Now developers can choose to customize the interface to more closely resemble their color scheme.

Check out this cool NFL widget that utilizes the new Launchpad.

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