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WidgetsLab gets informative spam

November 26th, 2008

Viagrathunder was kind enough to leave a really informative comment about Viagra on our post about Userplane and their web2.0 message boards.

Thank you Viagrathunder for that one!
It really helps us understand Userplane better…especially the “tidbits” part.

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Gotta love spammers!

p.s. You won’t find the comment on the Userplane post…I did not approve it. (go figure)

Get Higher Quality YouTube Videos Embeddables

November 25th, 2008


You Want better Quality Video but you know that YouTube is where most of the good stuff is. so what to do?. force the embed to give you the Higher Quality Video Source instead of the Standard.

This can be done so by following the very simple Guide Jason Kottke Did about it:

How to embed high quality YouTube videos

Netvibes Social Content Sharing With Facebook Connect

November 25th, 2008

tmp9              image

Just like announced in October.  Netvibes got Facebook Connet integration for its Social Content Sharing feature that allows you to share widgets and news from Netvibes to your Facebook contacts using Facebook Connect. it has been enjoying this feature for over a week now and it looks like it works all right. this Social Kind of Quick Content Sharing should get into High Spread Sharing modules pretty soon as sharing to your Social Graph because more common thanks to Social Graph API`s

Netvibes implementation already hints in that direction but does other kind of advances for Social News Sites and Startpages that now finally can be seen as possible instant social hubs thanks to this.

These changes and natural progression should also allow for Netvibes to continue being the best Idenpendet Startpage as iGoogle goes into another direction integrating everything Google into a single page.


via Netvibes Blog

Meebo Community IM Widget Gets Into Hearst Magazines Online Sites

November 25th, 2008


Meebo Community IM, the Chat Widget for site from Meebo first showed its commitment to grow back in October and while it has not managed to grow as fast as they would wish thanks to Userplane Efforts and Partnerships. they still have done quite well on themselves and now you can also find them in Hearst Magazines online sites. after all the idea is good now that user engagement is more and more important when looking at site analytics and as a way to measure potential of growth.

Beyonce Chat Room 2.jpg

The Chat Widgets are also getting better and as they are media friendly. there is a good chance that having them will generate more user engagement for the sites using them.  what does starts to look a little old is meebo and meeboo widgets look. maybe it is time for them to get a look refresh.


via RWW

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