JS-KIT partners with AOL Userplane for Widget Cross Promotion

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it is quite admirable how JS-KIT keeps on going and landing partnerships. this time was AOL Userplane that makes widget services like the Userplane Webchat and the so-so new Userplane Boards.

JS-KIT will be promoting Userplane Webchat and Userplane will promote JS-KIT Ratings

The rationale is simple in this case. userplane wants to keep Meebo at bay and JS-KIT needs to keep gaining volume so Disqus can never catch them and to be prepared for WordPress backed IntenseDebate. so this cross promotion makes perfect sense and should do some good for both parties.

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with AOL’s Userplane division. This partnership sees the two companies achieve a combined reach of over 900,000 registered publishers.

Userplane is the world’s premier social software provider for online communities and one of the largest global social media ad networks. It will offer JS-Kit’s Ratings service through Userplane’s distribution channels. JS-Kit will add Userplane’s Webchat application to its product suite.

Khris Loux

More here: JS-Kit extends its reach to 900,000 registered publishers

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