Google Toolbar Turns 8, IE Gets Update And It Includes More Gadgetry

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Google celebrated 10 years from is inception this year and  with that milestone came other milestones like the 8 years of  the Google Toolbar. a Google product/service that has proven to be more important to the increase in marketshare of Google that pretty much any other Google service so far. the google toolbar was how the company made inroads into the market by introducing Google search and google services for users. without it and the strong push they did of it. i doubt you would have the same prominent Google of today. it is also a good way to take a look at what where the priorities of enhanced browsing back then and what they are now. what where the priorities of Google back then and what priorities it got now.


It turns out one of those current priorities are Google Gadgets and Gadgetization.  we have seen Google putting Gadgets/Widgets as the  front to archive a more pervasive mindshare and make inroad in terms of marketshare for their services. from Google Desktop, to iGoogle and even now in Gmail. the news of Gadgets in the Google Toolbar is not a recent news but with the 8 year anniversary. IE got the final version of the Google Toolbar 5 and now it officially states to bring you the following new features:

– Add gadgets to your Toolbar to bring content from your favorite websites closer to you
– Synchronize your settings online to access your Toolbar from wherever you are
– Create multiple profiles in AutoFill to keep your business and personal information separate

Info Widgets as part of the browser is something that we will see as a mainstream thing now that IE8 comes with WebSlices  and while something like that came with the IE Google Toolbar beta that was released last year. info widgets for the browser is an idea that should be noted to the Opera Browser and that Google added into the toolbar because they already knew what Microsoft was planning for IE8 .so they added the feature in advance. something Google does with everything that other companies don`t put properly under wraps. a example is the extreme pillage Google Chrome does of all browsers but specially over the Opera Browser.

The funny thing is that in the case of IE. if you are using IE8 already. why would you use Google Toolbar?. it is now just a redundancy of features you get by default and done better, unless you are strongly tied to Google Services. but if you cannot upgrade from IE6 or IE7 yet and use google services. the new IE Google Toolbar will be a fine upgrade. otherwise. there is not much for you to look into that.

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