Google Gadgets Adapted To Nokia Internet Tablet

November 6th, 2008 by Avatar X Leave a reply »

Nokia got some very hardcore fans. and they also got hardcore fan that like Widgets. If you got a Nokia Internet Tablet and you miss your Google Gadgets. then you will be happy to know they have been ported to it.

Now you can have your Google Gadgets living with regular native maemo Widgets. not that you would know because from what i read they are not very good. so having some actually good Widgets is just what you was lacking and now you can have that.

Take a look

Google Gadgets for maemo (yes, this is a Linux Thing)

via Ars Technica


  1. Maricris says:

    my hubby is already in it and he’s loving it! btw, I found u thru EC. Great post!

  2. Avatar says:

    @Maricris: Glad you and your husband liked it. thanks for your visit and comment

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